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"A fantastic film and brilliant portrayal of our NHS through a narrative story."

Sir Bruce Keogh

- Medical Director, National Health Service

World Premiere  - August 21st 2018 

British Film Institute IMAX Theatre, London (TEDxNHS)


London Short Film (Official Selection)
NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Pit Stop, Havas Media
Kino London 100th Anniversary Short Film Open-Mic
Los Angeles CineFest 2018 (Semi-Finalist)
Changing Face International Film Festival 2018 (Finalist)
Amsterdam Lift-Off Online Festival 2018 (Top 5 Audience Choice)
Tweetfest 2018 (Official Selection)
UK Offline Web Fest 2018 (Winner, BEST SHORT)
Southern Shorts Film Festival 2019 (Multi-Award Winner)
JellyFest 2019 (Semi-Finalist)


Adnan is a NHS junior doctor and medical film producer. He combines his frontline clinical experience and leadership training to develop a porfolio of innovative and creative health care films. His main interests lie in shifting perceptions through the medium of film, de-stigmatising mental health and using human factors to portray social issues.


Producer - Twitter

Dustin is an award winning writer, director and actor, born and bred in Los Angeles, CA. He is now living in London and has a series of films hitting the festival circuit. Currently he juggles his time between his latest projects and being a new dad.


Director - Website

I was thrilled to be offered the part; having been injured in January, this was my first audition and it gave me a great confidence boost to be working again.  All in all, 'NORA' has been a fabulously positive experience for me.

I absolutely adored the script for 'NORA'. The story brought tears to my eyes at certain points. It’s inspiring and galvanizes people to take action. This film has such an important message to convey about the crucial role the National Health Service plays in all our lives.


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