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Nora's family is about to celebrate her 70th birthday...


21st August, 2018

We are delighted to premier NORA at TEDxNHS.
For details about the event & livestream, please click below.

Nora always said, "I'm in the business of helping people.
Not in the business of getting rich."


Adnan is a NHS junior doctor and medical film producer. He combines his frontline clinical experience and leadership training to develop a porfolio of innovative and creative health care films. His main interests lie in shifting perceptions through the medium of film, de-stigmatising mental health and using human factors to portray social issues.

Adnan Raja

Producer - Twitter

Dustin is an award winning writer, director and actor, born and bred in Los Angeles, CA. He is now living in London and has a series of films hitting the festival circuit. Currently he juggles his time between his latest projects and being a new dad.

Dustin Curtis Murphy

Director - Website

This is not how Nora wanted to celebrate her birthday...

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